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Top 5 Vietnam Centrifugal Fan 2022

Centrifugal fan is widely used in Vietnam where a new rising industry is developing with high speed. Purchasing centrifugal fans in Vietnam requires employers to understand certain particular local factors such as moisture, weather, technical issue and of course: price. Vimax M&E is the biggest centrifugal fan manufacturer in Vietnam with more than 20 years experience shares top 5 best centrifugal fans with detailed price and tech data.

High pressure centrifugal fan VMC 7l

This product were Vimax’s best sale in 2018 and has kept staying in the lead till 2022. Produced using new technology of material of steel, inox and composite making VMC 7l one of the most sustainable machine with longest using duration.

High pressure centrifugal fan requires every part to be able to stand against destructive effects created by extreme vibration. Also, VMC 7l is mostly used in metallurgy, glass industry, cement, mining, brick making, plastic where explostion, fire, acid and dust become even more risky. These difficulties encouraged Vimax M&E to adapt needful technology in producing VMC 7l centrifugal fan with advantages:

  • Indirect impellers
  • Flexible couplings
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Anti dust, moisture, acid

Direct high pressure centrifugal fan VMC 4D

High pressure centrifugal fan VMC 4D

High pressure centrifugal fan VMC 4D

High pressure centrifugal fan VMC 4D is used to supply and absorb gas for industries such as metallurgy, glass production, brick, power generation, plastic industry, chemical, mining.

Vimax M&E has developed 25 models in this series of VMC 4D which are designed to meet a wide range of demands from each kind of industry. All 25 models have sturdy and durable structure with new kind of material. More than that, impellers and accessories can stand against corrosive substances, toxic gases, non-adhesive substances.

VMC 4D series

VMC 4D series

Box-shape centrifugal fan VMC SWSI

Box-shape centrifugal fan

Box-shape centrifugal fan

Commonly used for air supply in buildings, ducted ventilation, air conditioning system. This kind of industrial fan can work extremely well for smoke axtraction, kitchen exhaust, hotels, restaurant and especially industrial kitchens.

VMC SWSI can work the most smoothly between pressure 1800 Pa – 1760 Pa. Impellers are designed to reduce noise, vibration due to the box-shaped frame structure surrounds the fan and sound absorption layer on the insude.

Material: Steel, Inox, Composite

Low pressure VMC 1D

Low pressure industrial fan VMC-1D

Low pressure industrial fan VMC-1D

Low presure centrifugal fan VMC 1D is used to ventilate, pressure adjustment in elevator, fresh air supply, smoke exhausting in buildings. In industrial factories, it works as fresh air supplier, gas exhauster and light dust extractor.

This model use direct motor to move propeller and work under lwo pressure.

Fabrication materials: Steel, Inox, Composite

Dust collecting fan VMC 8l

centrifugal fans

centrifugal fans

The mechanism of indirect movement through the belt conveyor is convenient to adjust the speed, flow and pressure.

Open wing structure prevents dust, low vibration.

Fabrication materials: Steel, Stainless steel, Composite for fans and blowers

Model propeller diameter capacity Speed voltage Flow fate Pressure
mm Kw v/ph V m3/h Pa
VMC-8I-4 400 4 1460 380 3200-4000 1900-1600
VMC-8I-5 500 5.5 1460 380 6000-7200 2200-2000
500 7.5 1460 380 7000-7800 2400-2000
VMC-8I-6,3 630 11 1460 380 8000- 9500 2500-2000
630 15 1460 380 12000-14000 2800-2500
VMC-8I-7 700 15 1460 380 13500-15000 2900-2600
700 18.5 1460 380 15000-16500 3000-2500
VMC-8I-8 800 22 1460 380 20000-21000 3400-3100
800 30 1460 380 23000-25000 3500-3200
VMC-8I-8,6 860 30 1460 380 25000-28000 3400-3000
VMC-8I-10 1000 37 1460 380 33000-35000 3500-3000
1000 45 1460 380 36000-40000 3500-3000
1000 55 1460 380 41000-45000 3500-3000
1250 75 1460 380 50000-55000 3800 – 3000
1250 90 1460 380 55000-60000 4200-3500
VMC-8I-13,8 1380 110 1460 380 65000-75000 4500-4000
1380 160 1460 380 80000-90000 5000-4500

Factory industrial dust extraction fan is the main agent in the air purification process, against dust pollution in the working environment. The installation of industrial dust collectors in factories is a mandatory obligation according to Vietnamese standards, which is also the benefit of enterprises. Investors need to study exactly the core issues:

– Suitable capacity
– Factory industrial vacuum cleaner fan price
– Model, size
– Warranty and maintenance mode
– to be able to save maximum costs as well as achieve the greatest economic benefits.

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