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Industrial centrifugal fans 

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What is the operating principle and structure of industrial centrifugal fans? Below is useful information about this fan line.


What is an industrial centrifugal fan?

A centrifugal fan is an axial air intake fan that relies on centrifugal force to move air around the fan casing. After suction, the wind is pushed out perpendicular to the fan’s axis based on the operating principle of sucking from the inside and pushing it out thanks to the structure of the motor rotating according to the fan blades to push hot air to the outside.

About Structure

How to create a professional triangle

The centrifugal line is composed of 4 main parts: fan casing, impeller, transmission system, and motor.


The fan blades are dynamically balanced thanks to a digital control system that helps the fan run smoothly, without causing vibration.

Outer shell

About design: The centrifugal fan’s outer casing design has a spiral shape like a slug or scallop, surrounding the wheel and reel.

Regarding materials: The fan shell material is made of anti-rust metal such as steel, or stainless steel,… covered with a layer of durable, anti-oxidation electrostatic paint.

Mission: The fan cover functions to conduct air, act as a support, and help protect the fan from external environmental factors, helping to improve durability and increase longevity. The fan cover is the connection between the fan and the installation location, helping to limit the noise and vibration of the motor during operation.

Technology: Centrifugal fan processing technology includes a fiber Laser cutting machine, Swiss electrostatic spraying system, and CNC machine system.

Arrangement: With small centrifugal fans, the fan casing and fan rack can be mounted directly together. However, with large fans, the fan shell needs to be placed on a separate stand.

Fan motor

Name: Motor, also known as fan motor.

Mission: The fan motor moves the industrial centrifugal fan motor.

Materials: The fan motor is wound with pure copper wire based on modern standards and technology to protect the system from operating durably, using continuously for a long time without being overloaded.

Brand: Engines are imported from famous brands in the market that meet high-quality standards.

Transmission system

Mission: The shaft and drive mechanism are the parts that transmit energy from the engine to the fan blade position. The implementation of the centrifugal fan production process and components has a decisive effect on the speed of the fan and the ability to adjust the fan speed.

Centrifugal fans have 2 types of drive mechanisms: Fans have direct drive mechanisms and indirect drive mechanisms.

Direct drive mechanism: The impeller is linked to the motor shaft, at this time the impeller will be equal to the rotation speed of the motor. The advantage of this type of transmission is its simple design and high performance. However, the fan speed is fixed, the fan speed cannot be changed.

Indirect drive mechanism: With industrial centrifugal fans, the blades and motor are driven and connected by belts and bearings. The belt transmits mechanical energy from the motor to the fan to rotate the switch wheel. The fan part can change the transmission ratio.

The rotation speed of the motor depends on the diameter of the fan wheel pulley and the motor pulley.

Variable type: Variable transmission is the modern type today, which can control speed independently using hydraulic or magnetic joints.

Principle of operation

General principles 


Industrial centrifugal fans use a centrifugal pump. When the rotor moves at high speed, the high pressure at the center of the fan drops to a very low level, and the air flow from the duct enters the center of the fan and is dynamically supplied by centrifugal force. energy, entering along the vertical axis and pushing out the fan casing, the wind direction will be perpendicular to the rotor axis.

Industrial centrifugal fans operate on the principle of a centrifugal pump. When the rotor rotates, the pressure at the center of the fan is small, the air moves into the center of the fan and they will be provided with additional energy from centrifugal force.

The rotor sucks air along the fan shaft and applies centrifugal force around the fan casing, pushing the wind perpendicular to the fan shaft.

The air stream containing dust is pushed into the dust collector.

The rotating fan creates pressure, moving air inside the machine, and the fan casing converges and redirects the airflow inside.

The fan blades operate to flow air in, thereby pushing dusty air, hot air, exhaust gas, and toxic gases out in the same direction.

However, each industrial centrifuge line will have different features and characteristics. Below are the 4 most popular types of industrial centrifugal fans at Vimax.

Low-pressure industrial centrifugal fan

quat lye tam thap ap min

Low-pressure centrifugal fan is a type of fan with a single suction nozzle. Different parts will be shaped by molds, wings will be made using multi-blade centrifugal technology. Low-pressure fans have a small size, low noise, and relatively stable operation.

Medium-pressure industrial centrifugal fan

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Medium-pressure industrial centrifugal fan is a type of fan used in environments with a lot of exhaust gas, mixed dust, wood mulch, fiber, etc., helping to remove dust and toxic smoke. The structure of the fan includes many blades. Curved forward to limit dust accumulation, the machine is highly durable and less susceptible to corrosion. The fan has 3 types of motion: A motion, C motion, and coaxial D motion. The fan is operated under air temperature conditions below 800 degrees Celsius.

High-pressure centrifugal fan

quat glass tam high ap min

Fans are used for forced ventilation in industries. For example, food, metallurgical furnaces, boilers, glass industry, ceramics, or packaging paper production lines. The fan’s operating environment requires air that does not spontaneously combust or explode. The machine is not harmful to humans, is not corrosive, and dust and particle concentrations do not exceed 150mg/m3. And the temperature is not higher than 800C to ensure the best efficiency.

High-pressure centrifugal fans are fans used in industries such as the food industry, metallurgical furnaces, boilers, and glass industry including ceramics, etc. The operating environment of the fan requires clean air. spontaneously burn and explode. Machines are not harmful to humans and are not susceptible to corrosion. Dust particles have a concentration not exceeding 150mg/m3. The temperature is not higher than 800 degrees Celsius to ensure the best performance of high-pressure industrial centrifugal fans.

Industrial centrifugal fan application

The centrifugal fan sucks dust and exhaust gases

Industrial centrifugal fans have the effect of vacuuming dust, absorbing heat, and absorbing chemicals in boilers and steel furnaces. Besides, the fan can also suck small dust and fine dust in the air at manufacturing plants with fine dust waste used in factories, enterprises, mine areas, and other areas. basement,…to minimize toxicity to the environment.

Air conditioner

With strong suction force, the fan helps the air conditioner push the air away and create great pressure, so the fan can transmit strong wind. Besides, the product has good compression properties so the fan effectively filters the air.

In factory areas, exhaust fans help push hot and muggy air from inside the factory to the outside environment and bring cool air from outside into the factory area, bringing ventilation and improvement. Improve the best working environment.

Industrial centrifugal fans are suitable for installation in many spaces from restaurants, and hotel areas to industrial activities in tunnels, furnaces, boilers, etc.

Vimax – a reputable, quality supplier of industrial centrifugal fans

With many years of operation in the market in the field of industrial fan manufacturing, Vimax has supplied fans and installed dust filter projects, air filters, ventilation, and cooling systems in many factory areas and factories. buildings and apartment complexes nationwide. Vimax products are surveyed and produced meticulously down to every detail.

Vimax provides dedicated and quick customer support services from reports, contracts, drawings, CO – CQ certification, factory release notes, warranties, and quality products to ensure the best benefits for customers. client. If you are interested in high-quality fan products, contact us at hotline: 0976578989 for advice and support.

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