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Vietnam industrial suction blower fan

Vimax E&M has 20 years experience in producing industrial suction blower fan which are widely used in Vietnamese industrial factories, civilizing towers. Our new kind of material and being-updated technology has made Vimax one of the most famous brand in Vietnam.

Industrial suction blower fan that Vimax produce

industrial suction blower fan

industrial suction blower fan

As mentioned above, Vimax is the biggest manufacturer with long history producing, importing and assemblying industrial suction blower fan. We have adapted experiences from more than 100 accomplished projects over Vietnam and now proudly introduce our types of industrial suction blower fan:

Axial wall fan
Axial fan
Centrifugal suction fan
Bugward fan plug
Poultry Exhaust Fan
Plug fan
Airfoil utility fan BAV series
Forward centrifugal fan
Utility fan
Blower fan
Forward Utility Fan
Double forward centrifuge fan
Industrial kitchen exhaust fan
Axial Direct Fan

No broker, we give lowest price for industrial suction blower fan directly to buyer

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Vimax’s price list is made not from the cost of material, production or market average prices. Our cost for industrial suction blower fan is based on buyer’s interests. Saying this, Vimax’s fans have wide range of capability, different materials and extremely flexible designs. These advantages help us to adjust the price to the lowest for buyer and assure the best operation for every single buildings, factories.

Vimax use no broker. We’d love to bring the direct value to client. Every questions will be answered, every single points will be made clear, by our architects until you are satisfied.

Choosing industrial suction blower fan in Vietnam is important

For employers, especially foreign employers who are building in Vietnam, choosing industrial suction blower fan is important. We understand your difficulties in choosing trusted seller. We understand your worries in buying, signing contract, even shipping and assemblying till the completion. Well, Vimax is the one you can trust. Our policy is clear, we will be along with you, responsible as most as we can, until your fans are assemblied completely, operating with it’s highest performance. All these terms are alway in our contracts and you will find them when signing.

Choosing industrial suction fan in Vietnam is special because of the tropical environment

Let Vimax assure you that we are highly experient producer by telling you these tips:

Fan models are most important in choosing industrial suction blower fan

Looking at our production list in this website, you will easily find out we have newest models for industrial suction fan. Our designs are made to flexibly fit many kinds of pipes including idustrial pipes for factories and civilizing pipes for towers. We deeply understand that different fan models will give different performances, hence the wide range of production are listed as you viewed.


Cubic feet per minute determines how our fan works. Crunching our numbers and figuring out the technical table in each product, you will find it’s very easy to pick appropriate fan for your building.

Static presure

báo giá quạt hút bụi công nghiệp nhà xưởng

Your exhaust fan is going to need to exert a certain amount of energy to overcome the static pressure that exists within the ductwork in your industrial facility, and it needs to be able to meet the demands that are in place. Therefore, an accurate reading of the static pressure that exists should be taken before picking out an exhaust fan.

Sound level & vibration

There’s nothing we can be more proud of our effort to reduce sound level and vibration in Vimax’s fans. You are welcome to visit our factory to test and witness yourself our newest techonolgy that used for this work.

Reach out Vimax for more information


Địa chỉ VP: Tòa nhà GOLDEN FIELD, 24 Nguyễn Cơ Thạch, Mỹ Đình, TP Hà Nội
 Hotline: 0976578989

Địa chỉ Nhà máy:Lô 49G, KCN Quang Minh, Mê Linh, Hà Nội
 Hotline: 0988281777

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