Industrial Fans

Đánh giá

Industrial fans play an indispensable role in ventilation and cooling systems for industrial production areas and environments.

To meet the needs of businesses and factories, Vimax introduces customers to products, sizes, features, and capacity.

What is an industrial fan?

Industrial fans are designed and manufactured to serve industrial activities. Fans are used in factories, plants, high-rise buildings, apartments, etc. for the following purposes: ventilation, cooling, fresh air supply, hot air exhaust, dust, and exhaust.

The role of fans in the industry

Industrial fans are used in industrial activities with large capacity, high durability, and good operation. Special cooling fan over a large area, strong and flexible air exchange.

Fans are used in environments that require dust collection, air intake, and high cooling capacity such as in factories, residential areas, restaurants, factories, entertainment areas, eateries, cinemas, etc. internet shops, sports fields, construction sites, basements, apartment buildings, etc. remove dust and provide fresh air to the environment.

In addition, Vimax also provides fire protection exhaust fans to serve fire prevention in the above areas.

Advantages of industrial fans

Widely used in industrial activities. It brings the following effects:

Effective heat dissipation: The suction and blower design creates a large airflow, pushing hot air out of the work area to help reduce temperature and increase working efficiency.

High durability: The motor is imported directly from reputable units in the world, high-quality materials are firmly designed, and the fan is highly durable, and can operate continuously for a long time at low temperatures. harsh environmental conditions.

Vimax fans save energy thanks to motor, controller, and wind sensing capabilities that help optimize energy usage.

High flexibility: Industrial fans can be used to cool and provide air in industrial environments from factory and production areas to food handling areas.

Easy to repair and maintain: The fan is simply designed with replaceable parts when needed, making it easy for technicians to repair and maintain.

Minimize incidents: Fans help minimize fire and explosion incidents such as suffocation and gas poisoning by absorbing toxic gases in a closed environment and providing fresh air for effective cooling ventilation.


It is difficult for customers to choose the right capacity fan if they lack knowledge about flow, capacity as well as measuring the efficiency of system operation.

With fans with high capacity, big and thick, the investor needs to operate at full capacity to avoid vibration and noise during operation.

Vimax industrial fans

Vimax is the leading supplier of genuine industrial fans in Vietnam with the following products:

  • Industrial axial fans;
  • Industrial centrifugal fans;
  • Smoke exhaust fan for fire protection incidents
  • Dust collection system;
  • Cooling ventilation system;

Vimax is a leading industrial fan specialist with the following stages: Design – Production – Installation – Construction in Vietnam. Is a trusted address for customers nationwide.

Vimax has a team of experienced personnel who graduated from schools specializing in mechanical training. Dedicated support for customers to make the best choice.

A team of highly specialized technicians provides optimal solutions for projects nationwide.

Every transaction has a transparent and clear contract with the agreement of both parties.

Delivery on schedule as committed to customers. In case a problem arises, Vimax immediately responds so that customers can promptly have a solution.

Specific and clear policies to ensure customers’ rights and profits when using Vimax products.

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