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Industrial fans for foreign employers in Vietnam

Industrial fans play the most important keyrole in a ventilation system of any factory. For foreign employer who owns or going to build a manufacture in Vietnam, choosing industrial fans along with the whole air providing system is a bold task not only because of Vietnam Govt Standards but also to reach the needful safety level for your assets, your labours.


Material technology decides industrial fan’s working ability

As much as any tropical country, humidity level in many areas in Vietnam is alway high. Plus, Vietnam has a super long coastal line, if your factory is located on this line, also be aware of the sea wind which is destructive. You may list out other risks that your industrial fans have to face.

Fighting against these potential harms, an industrial fan must be made of good material. In Vimax’s tech data of each product, you will easily find out the material of the propeller and also the humidity resistance. Vimax is now producing industrial fans using highest technology. Most of our propellers are made of composite, inox.

industrial fans in vietnam for foreign employers

industrial fans in vietnam for foreign employers

Choosing experient fans & blowers manufacturer

Vietnam is known as a developing country. The first impression for foreign employers is Vietnamese industrial technology is low and finding high-tech industrial fans could be a big question. Well, not while you have learnt about Vimax M&E.

Vimax M&E has more than 20 years producing fans & blowers in Vietnam. We accomplished more than 100 projects over Vietnam with absolute high rate from clients. Our manufactures are located in Hanoi and Saigon and they are all equiped with highest technology. You will find out detailed data of each fan, blower, compressor in our product list. Numbers never tell lies. Our technical data shows our ability.

With excellent maintainance policy

A free & long maintainance shows how your industrial fans manufacturer’s capacity. Good company with high quality fans will offer a very long period of free maintainance because they know exactly the sustanability of their fans.

That’s what Vimax do to our foreign employers in Vietnam. A 100% no-fee maintainance period up to 7 years. Details are in our catalouge which we will kindly send you once asked.

And offers

  • Vimax offer replacement parts and further services to help reduce potential downtime
  • Our experienced staff are knowledgeable and helpful in your industrial fans selection process
  • We commit, in contract, to our manufacturing high quality industrial fans


At Vimax M&E, our industry specialists are dedicated to help you to pick the right industrial fans which perfectly fit your needs. Our experienced industrial fans manufacturers will ensure the highest quality products with ability in modify any fan to meed the exact specifications of yours.

You will find our contact details at bottom of this page.

Vimax is the biggest direct manufacturer for industrial fans in Vietnam for over 20 years

Vimax is the biggest direct manufacturer for industrial fans in Vietnam for over 20 years

Vimax is pleased to guide you every single steps. Meanwhile, these are few points that you might be interested in:

  • Measuring CFM: Since your factory is in Vietnam, kindly consider our Govt Standards. If you havent had the English version, kindly contact us. We are happy to send you PDF files. According to our National Standards, you then can start measuring your space, required airflow and then the CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Determine type of fans that fits your expectations. Vimax is capable to provide these kinds of fans: Drum blower fans, High-velocity floor fans, Wall mount Fans, Stand fans, Commercial ceiling fan, Industrial misting fans, all kind of industrial compressors & blowers, industrial pipes & ducts, cooling pad, anti-fire fans.
  • Location of the manufacturer. Buying from closer manufacturer means reducing shipping fees. Vimax has manufacturers located in both south and north of Vietnam, and also a free-ship policy.
  • Other considerations: technology used for the remote control, outdoor rated, portablity…
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