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Industrial exhaust fans

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Industrial exhaust fans are used for installation in industrial parks, factories, and workshops, or for high-rise buildings and commercial buildings. Industrial fans bring great uses. Learn more about industrial exhaust fans below.

What is an industrial exhaust fan?

Many people still think of industrial fans as large-sized household cooling fans often used for weddings and events… However, in reality, industrial exhaust fans are completely different from those types of industrial fans.

Industrial exhaust fans are fans with extremely high capacity and large size. When operating, they create strong suction or blow air thanks to the movement of the motor, shaft, and impeller. With extremely high pressure and flow, it is highly effective when used in large areas.

Roles and applications


Industrial exhaust fans are a great choice for industrial parks, factories, workshops, factories… and areas with large areas. Because they have important and necessary roles as follows:

Improve air quality

»  Ventilation and cooling:  Installing industrial exhaust fans will be a device to help improve air quality for spacious spaces.

»  Vacuuming dust and exhaust gases:  For projects with large amounts of dust and dirt, industrial exhaust fans are installed to suck away air containing dust and dirt, improving air quality.

Fan for dust extraction and exhaust gas treatment system

Factories that typically generate a lot of dust during the production process such as wood dust, cement dust, metal dust, food dust… Or thermal power plants, waste incinerators, and chemical plants… are places that generate toxic emissions. These factories need to install dust extraction systems and exhaust gas treatment systems to help collect and treat dust and exhaust gases before being released into the environment. Industrial exhaust fans are important equipment in these systems.

Protect human health and products

Ensuring product and machinery quality:  With machinery and equipment, after operation, heat increase may occur. Maintaining a well-ventilated space helps machines cool down and limits dust and dirt from sticking to the machines. Thanks to that, the machines operate durably, limit incidents, and increase their lifespan.

Protect human health: Over a long period of time, workers are exposed to polluted and toxic environments, increasing the risk of many potential diseases. Installing a ventilation system helps create air conditioning, creating a clean and airy working environment. Protect people from potential risks of fire and explosion.


Thanks to the above roles, industrial fans are applied to many different industries. Even the same product line installed in different locations will have different uses. They are not only applied in industrial parks but also in many applications in life. Basically, they have the following applications:

Industrial exhaust fans for high-rise buildings

Not only widely used in industrial parks, industrial ventilation fans are also applied to high-rise buildings and commercial centers. As high-rise buildings grow like mushrooms, people need to use industrial ventilation fans for the following applications:

» Ventilation fans, supplying fresh air to the basement and garage

» Smoke exhaust fan system for fire prevention and fighting, stair booster fan

» Smoke exhaust fan, hallway ventilation

» Ventilation and cooling fans for shopping centers

Factory ventilation and cooling applications

Construction of industrial fans to serve industrial parks such as ventilation, cooling, dust extraction, exhaust gas treatment… Typically axial fans, centrifugal dust fans, boiler exhaust fans, fans Industrial vacuum cleaners, exhaust gas treatment systems, ventilation system, fire protection exhaust fan…

As mentioned above, with large operating capacity, large area cooling ability, and dust and toxic gas filtration. Since then, industrial fans have been widely used in many factory spaces such as:

» Use cooling ventilation for farms and livestock areas

» Vacuuming and filtering dust and exhaust gases at toxic chemical factories

» Vacuum and filter wood dust, clean wood workshop air

» Filters dust and gas generated during food production and processing

» Air conditioners cool packaging industrial parks…

Popular types of industrial exhaust fans

Depending on usage needs, installation location, and required capacity, choose the appropriate type of industrial fan. Below are popular types of industrial fans:

Centrifugal fan

★ Concept: Centrifugal fans are industrial exhaust fans shaped like a snail. They are mechanical devices that circulate air at an angle relative to the direction of the entering fluid. (first)

Centrifugal fans operate on the principle of separate one-way suction and one-way blowing. The suction direction helps suck in dusty air, hot air, and moisture from the area that needs to be sucked out. The remaining direction provides fresh air from outside to blow back inside. Explore more:

★  Classification:

– Based on the structure, people often see centrifugal fans in two forms: direct centrifugal fans and indirect centrifugal fans.

– Based on pressure, centrifugal fans come in various forms such as high-pressure centrifugal fans, low-pressure centrifugal fans, and medium-pressure centrifugal fans.

★  Main applications:

Vacuuming and filtering dust, air conditioning, and cooling.

The air stream contains dirt, improving air quality.

Axial fans

★  Concept

Axial fans are fans that are shaped like a round or square cylinder. They are industrial ventilation equipment, capable of cooling and conditioning air with the air intake and blowing direction parallel to the fan axis.

★  Classification

– Similar to centrifugal fans, axial fans are also known for two main types according to their structure: direct axial fans and indirect axial fans.

– Based on similar pressure, there are types: high-pressure (high pressure) axial fans, low-pressure axial fans, and medium-pressure axial fans.

★  Main application: Air circulation and cooling.

Industrial fan price

Installation cost:  Depending on location and needs, choose the appropriate industrial fan. The cost of installing industrial fans can range from a few million to several tens of millions (depending on size, specifications, and type of fan). Cost issues are always carefully considered by businesses.

To determine the cost of the fan, Vimax needs to survey the needs and installation location…. determine the appropriate fan line. After that, the consultant will make a quote to send to customers.If you don’t calculate, you won’t know exactly how much fan flow and pressure you need to use. Causes ineffective and costly use of fans. Therefore, before buying a fan, please contact Vimax for specific advice and the most detailed quote.

Therefore, choose a reputable unit that has enough production energy and ensures product quality and project progress.

Vimax supplies and produces reputable industrial fans on the market. Meet all needs of customers. Receive production orders as required.

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