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Industrial Axial Fan

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Axial fans are used to extract odors, filter dust, and smoke or ventilate. What is the structure of this fan line? What is the operating principle and what are the fan characteristics? We invite readers to follow along with Vimax in the article below.

What is an axial fan?

Axial fans are designed with one-way blowing and one-way suction and have many different models and designs to meet many environments in apartment buildings, factories, etc.

Structure of axial fan

The fan has a round appearance or a box-shaped square body. Basic parts of the fan include motor, blades, belts, bushings,…

The axial fan includes the following parts: Motor, belt, blades, bolts, blades,… designed with a round cylinder, square body, with outer shell manufactured from ss400 steel, 304 stainless steel, composite,…

There are 2 types of axial fans: Impeller and motor can be attached directly to the motor.

Indirect axial fan: Indirect fan has the motor and blades mounted at two different positions, driven via belts.

Direct fan: A direct axial fan has a motor attached directly to the fan, increasing the drive efficiency of the device.

Principle of operation

Currently, there are many types of axial industrial dust fans, but most of them operate according to the following principles:

Direct axial fans: Operate on the principle of electrical energy into mechanical energy, causing the motor to rotate and the force will be transmitted directly to the fan blades.

For indirect motors: The fan is driven indirectly through the belt, causing the fan blades to rotate according to the speed of the motor or bushing.

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Advantages and disadvantages of axial fans

Axial fans are manufactured according to modern standards and technology with high quality, durability, and high hardness, so they can operate relatively stably for a long time with few problems.

Has great suction power

Using a high-quality motor with a core material made of durable copper, the fan blades are designed at an inclined angle with a reasonable amount of airflow to optimize airflow, large suction force, and high capacity for effective suction. blow quickly.

Easy to use, install and repair

Axial fans are optimally designed for users, so repair and installation are operated most easily according to Vimax’s instructions.


Industrial axial fans have many outstanding advantages, they are commonly used in many civil and industrial environments to help meet many different needs.

The fan is simply designed, and the installation is easy to hang or mount on the wall through extremely simple installation steps.

Helps remove odors, dust, and unpleasant impurities

Axial fans use fans to suck in air, heat, odors, and paint dust and impurities that are difficult to absorb in industry.

Provides fresh air from outside

Axial industrial fans help supply fresh air from outside to inside to help circulate air.

Application of axial fan

Currently, industrial axial fans have many useful applications in ventilation and cooling. Fans can be used to suck harmful gases, moisture, and heat from the inside space to the outside, helping to bring fresh space to the factory.

Fans also help bring important benefits that contribute to protecting the health of workers, helping to improve the air quality of the factory, making the space less stuffy, ensuring proper performance of workers. as well as the operation of machinery in the factory.

Axial fans are fans with a wide range of applications in life. Fans are often used in basements, smoke extraction, and ventilation in factories and other buildings for the purpose of building ventilation, including the following items:

  • Application for basement ventilation,
  • Install ventilation systems at schools, hospitals,
  • Installed at livestock and poultry farms,
  • At textile factories, clothing manufacturers, fabric processing factories,
  • Mechanical manufacturing workshop, automobile assembly,
  • Handling industrial emissions problems,

Popular types of axial fans today

Circular axial fan for ventilation

Axial square fan


Axial roof fan


Aluminum alloy axial fan


Axial fan with duct connection


Axial Jet fans


Centrifugal Jetfans


Buy axial fans at Vimax

Vimax has been a reputable supplier of axial fans on the market for many years and is trusted and highly appreciated by consumers for the quality of its products and specific services:

About the product

Axial fans are designed according to customer needs and requirements, and manufactured directly in our factory according to the most stringent standards.

In addition, Vimax has a technical team with in-depth product knowledge, so each product is always inspected in the most detailed quality.

Competitive price

Because Vimax is a direct production unit, we import genuine input materials in large quantities, produce and distribute them directly to customers, so when they reach customers, they Customers receive the best products at the best prices without going through any intermediaries.

Enthusiastic support

Vimax’s principle is that customer satisfaction is our strength, so in every product brought to the market, customers receive the best support.

Thanks to our shipping, warranty, and after-sales policies, we are always highly appreciated by consumers.

Hopefully, with the above information, customers will get the most useful information for products that suit their needs. Contact Vimax for advice.

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