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Fans & blowers

For foreign constructing employers in Vietnam, fans & blowers are alway showing difficulties in picking, buying or even finding a trusted manufacturer. To archive these information, your purchasing staff may take days even weeks. Let Vimax M&E help you out with full info how to choose fans & blowers in Vietnam, price list and further tips.

Choosing fans & blowers for foreign employers in Vietnam

There are some important datas you need to spend your concentration on. The flow rate (CFM), static pressure (SP), air/gas density and the price.
Vimax produce fans & blowers

Vimax produce fans & blowers

Flow rate

Flow rate of fans & blowers is determined clearly in Vietnamese Standards. Failing to meet these requirements, your whole system will not be approved by Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department and never get the certificate to start using your building in any mean. For example, Vietnamese Standards for fresh air says 20m3/hr/person. For fans & blowers in garages, or fans & blowers that is assemblied for fire fighting purpose, you’ll need to meet further standards:
  • TCVN 2662
  • TCVN 5279
  • TCVN 3288
  • TCVN 3937, 5938, 5939
Also make sure you have enough CFM for the duct, pipe so the material can maintain the needful velocity to carry through the system and not settle in the pipe.
Vimax will assist you more details once you reach us out.

Static Presure

Among datas that determine quality of fans & blowers, Vietnamese standards has made it very clear about static presure. Foreign employers must know these details before picking up appropriate products. Further, calculate well the pressure head also help you to maximize the operation and minimize cost of fans & blowers.
Calculation: Pressure head = Static Pressure + Dynamic Pressure
Vimax M&E provide you wide range of static pressure for industrial fans & blowers. You will easily find out the Pa column in a detailed table of each fan in our product page. Further assistance will be provided by our staff.

Fans & blowers play key roles in a successful project

fans & blowers

fans & blowers

Industrial ventilation systems are critical for keeping environments comfortable and successful. Ventilation helps keep workers comfortable and remove contaminants from indoor air. Therefore, you want to keep your systems running at peak efficiency.

Difference between Fans & Blowers and Compressors

Fans, blowers and compressors are differentiated by the method used to move the air, and by the system pressure they must operate against. As per American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) the specific ratio – the ratio of the discharge pressure over the suction pressure – is used for defining the fans, blowers and compressors.

Fans’s specific ratio is up to 1.11 with pressure rise 1136 mmWg. Blowers are defined by specific ratio 1.11 to 1.20 with presure 1136-2066 mmWg. Compressors must have specific ratio > 1.20

Functions of Fans & blowers 


Any manufacture needs to provide a fresh working environment for workers. The working condition is mostly important to optimize ability of workers & staff. Humid, hot, sticky, constricting filled with dusty air is absolutely harmful, even causing diseases.

Industrial fans help to blow out dusty hazardous air and providing clean air to maintain proper moisture level, provide outdoor fresh air and finaly increase the comfort of working condition.


Keeping the environment safe from harmful toxins is a great job among many advantages that industrial fan can provide. Industrial blowers also help removing life-threatening chemicals, reduce explosive risks that machines create.


For manufacture that produce foods, ink & printing, drying of goods is a necessary step in creating the finished products that are ready for shipping. Industrial fans & blowers create air that can instantly dry goods. This help to reduce efforts, time and manual labour.


Fans & blowers can support moving debris like sand, gravel, other materials across conveyer belt or from plant to truck. Sometime handling these material are not safe for human labour, using industrial fan is a great solution.

Vimax’s indistrual fans and blowers price list

Vimax M&E is the biggest manufacturer for industrial fans & blowers in Vietnam. We have head offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We major in producing industrial fans and assemblying ventilation system with successes from more than 100 projects in Vietnam.

Here is the price list of some well known products. For further assistance, please reach us out with the hotline below the page

Model Fan size (mm) Electric Pa Flow rate (m3/h) Pressure (Pa) Ưu điểm Application Price
VMC-1D-No 250-1000 380 1000-43.000 400-1300 Lưu lượng lớn, độ ồn thấp Thông gió, tăng áp buồng thang, cấp khí tươi, hút khói, hút bụi nhẹ contact for details
VMC-1l-No 250-1600 380 1500-120.000 1000-1600 Độ ồn thấp, tiết kiệm điện năng Hút khí thải lò gạch tuynel, cấp hút khí sấy nông lâm sản, cấp khí tươi contact for details
VMC-2D-No 250-800 380 1250-36.000 600-1600 Lưu lượng lớn, áp suất cao Thổi cấp khí lò đốt, nồi hơi, cấp khí tươi, tăng áp buồng thang contact for details
VMC-2l-No 250-800 380 1250-45.000 400-2800 Kiểu dáng công nghiệp, tháo lắp dễ dàng, hiệu suất cao Cấp khí lò đốt, nồi hơi, hút khí thải, hút bụi mịn contact for details
VMC-3D-No 250-900 380 1500-45.000 400-2500 Ít bám bụi cánh, độ bền cao Hút khí thải, hút bụi mùn cưa, mạt sắt contact for details
VMC-3l-No 250-1350 380 800-100.000 200-5000 Không bám bụi cánh, độ bền cao Hút khí thải có phát sinh bụi, húi bụi gỗ, kim loại, gạch contact for details
VMC 4.1D-No
VMC 4.2D-No
320-1000 380 600-12.500 1800-15.000 Độ bền cao, áp suất cao Cấp hút khí cho xưởng luyện kim, sản xuất kính, gạch, nhựa, hóa chất, mỏ contact for details
600-1380 380 4600-40.000 2800-10.000 Áp suất cao, độ bền cao Ứng dụng luyện kim, gạch, hóa chất, xi măng, mỏ contact for details
250-860 380 1200-24.000 200-1200 Giảm độ ồn, bền đẹp chắc chắn, ít bám dầu mỡ Hút bếp nhà hàng, khách sạn, bếp ăn tập thể contact for details
VMC-7D-No 450-860 380 400-3800 6000-16.000 Chống bám bụi, độ rung động thấp Cấp khí máng động xi măng, đá contact for details
VMC-8D-No 400-1000 380 4000-37.000 800-3100 Kết cấu vững chắc, độ ồn thấp Hút bụi gạch, xi măng, gỗ, dệt sợi, giấy, than, luyện kim contact for details
VMC-8l-No 400-1350 380 3200-90.000 1500-90.000 Độ rung thấp, áp suát cao, dễ điều chỉnh Hút lọc bụi nhà máy, đa dạng trong lắp ráp, vận chuyển hạt bụi, chuyển liệu contact for details
VMC-9D-No 320-860 380 900-15.000 2000-5000 Hiệu suất cao, không báo bụi, đổ ung thấp Cấp hút khí buồng đốt than, nồi hơi, tải nhiệt, sấy contact for details
VMC-9l-No 315-1250 380 1100-69.000 2000-4400 Hiệu suất cao, tiết kiệm điện Cấp hút khí nồi hơi, buồng đốt rác, sấy nông lâm sản, ngưng khí, điều không contact for details
VMC-10l-No 400-1200 380 4000-115.000 500-1600 Độ ồn thấp, tiết kiệm điện năng Cấp khí tươi tòa nhà, thông gió lưu lượng lớn trong nhà máy contact for details
VMC-11l-No 315-900 380 2830-48.000 1000-1660 Tiêu âm, giảm rung lắc Cấp hút khí tòa nhà, thông gió nối ống, hút khói, hút bếp nhà hàng khách sạn contact for details
VMC-12D/l-No 400-900 380 1400-22.000 1460-4250 Áp suất cao, cánh gắn dao chém giấy, gối ngâm dầu Ngành giấy, bao bì, carton contact for details
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